BOLD-ly heading into new territory

2014 was an exciting year for NCHL with the unveiling of a new initiative–BOLD or Best Organizations for Leadership Development–to identify and recognize the use of evidence-based leadership development practices in hospitals and health systems. For the first time, the BOLD award recognized 19 organizations that are leading the field in preparing the current and future generations of leaders needed to transform our health system.

NCHL identified BOLD organizations from respondents to its 2013-2014 National Health Leadership Survey. Several high-performing health systems were invited to showcase their strategies and successes at NCHL’s annual Human Capital Investment Conference this past November in Chicago, which was held in conjunction with the annual Gail L. Warden Leadership Excellence Award dinner (click here to watch videos of the event).

The National Health Leadership Survey, which has been supported in part by a grant from Hospira, Inc., was also conducted in 2007 and 2010 to track data on the use of best practices in leadership development–including attracting and selecting leaders, talent management, diversity leadership, and succession planning–in the field.

Leadership work is not only about the ‘what,’ but also about the ‘how.’ How do we prepare our leaders for future challenges? How do we inspire our people to be the best at what they do? How do we support our clinicians to navigate this critical period of industry disruption? We congratulate our BOLD leaders for inspiring us with their work to prepare their people and their organizations to better serve our communities and to improve the health of our nation.

Tell us what your hospital or health system is doing to prepare leaders for this BOLD future.

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