“Physician Leadership Development for the New Healthcare Environment” with North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Joseph Cabral and Jeremy Boal

From NCHL’s Human Capital Investment Conference this past November, Joseph Cabral and Jeremy Boal show how North Shore-LIJ Health System has successfully implemented its Physician High-Potential Program in the face of a changing healthcare landscape. Joseph Cabral, Senior Vice President and CHRO, and Jeremy Boal, MD, Senior Vice President and CMO, discuss the changes that North Shore-LIJ has made to develop physician leadership focused on three major goals: patient experience, quality, and financial performance.

Individuals who have demonstrated the ability to drive change as well as the ability to influence others  were selected. From North Shore-LIJ’s perspective, influence is one of the most important qualities for physician leadership as physicians as they role model behaviors such as collaboration and vision setting. North Shore-LIJ has seen increased quality of care, decreased turnover of participants, enhanced system-wide collaboration, and improved productivity among physician-led teams, all incredibly significant gains especially considering  the over 2500 employed physicians and 8000 voluntary physicians in the system. To hear more about the Physician High-Potential Program as well as the details of NS-LIJ’s success, watch the full video below.

What has been your experience in training physician leaders? What has worked? What hasn’t?

Joseph Cabral is also the Chair of NCHL’s Physician Leadership Development LENSTM Council.

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