Notes from the NCHL Summer Learning Lab

Earlier this week I was able to spend two days with representatives from NCHL’s leadership excellence network, during their semi-annual learning lab. The two-day opportunity for reflection was all the more interesting given the timing of the supreme court’s announcement about the affordable care act, which took place the first morning of the meeting. But as the group had discussed prior to the announcement, the outcome was really going to be about where the pressure points in health reform would emerge, and not the fate of reform itself.

A key focus of the agenda involved emerging roles within and at the boundaries of the health systems, and their implications for both leadership and talent management. The limits of the current approach to health services delivery was widely recognized, and the evolving roles of physician assistants and APNs were actively discussed, as well as the role of partner organizations such as Healthleads. Also discussed were the changes to come in higher education, a sector outpacing even healthcare in its cost growth. The medical school NS-LIJ developed in partnership with Hofstra was described as an example of deploying future professionals into contributing roles throughout their education, as was the graduate healthcare management program at Rush University Medical Center.

The group also previewed emerging applications of simulation in the assessment and development of healthcare leaders, and discussed some of the more recent leadership-related activities of the Institute of Medicine, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

With the benefit of a less hectic travel schedule, I hope to have more to say about each of the above in the coming weeks.

About Andrew Garman

Chief Executive Officer, NCHL; Professor, Health Systems Management Department, Rush University

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Fieldnotes on Leadership in Health and Healthcare

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