Linking leadership practices to healthcare outcomes

Earlier this summer, NCHL published the results of a national study of hospitals’ leadership practices.  Based on a subset of items on the NCHL Leadership Index, the study was designed to assess how we are doing as a field in preparing our next generation of healthcare leaders.

The study also provided a first look at how these leadership practices may relate to organizational outcomes such as quality and efficiency.   This topic has not yet received much research attention in healthcare, mainly due to the trouble involved with collecting cross-organizational data.  Research conducted in places where large-scale comparative data have been available, such as the VA System and the NHS, these relationships have been established, and become clearer once confounding factors such as organization size and context are controlled for.

In the coming months, we will be refining our own results to take these organizational factors into consideration, and providing preliminary findings in forums such as the annual UHC meeting in September.  Of particular interest to us is the relationship between leadership practices and the organizational outcomes associated with value-based purchasing.   We will have more to report in the coming months.

About Andrew Garman

Chief Executive Officer, NCHL; Professor, Health Systems Management Department, Rush University

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