NCHL – the next chapter


Over the past several months, the NCHL has been migrating its offices to its new home at 1700 W. Van Buren in Chicago, on the Rush University Medical Center campus.  As expected, the move involved working through the at-times overhwhelming number of details involved in bringing organizations together:  telephones, computer networks, space reconfigurations, and office protocols to name just a few.   And of course there are only so many changes we can identify and plan for in advance; the rest end up on the ‘leap-of-faith’ list: the many unknowns we know we‘ll need to face, and need to trust in our colleagues and ourselves to get us through them.  

Throughout this process, we kept focused on the NCHL vision:  optimizing the health of the public by supporting excellence in healthcare leadership.   To the extent that our roles and activities evolve in the coming months and years, it will reflect our efforts to continuously improve our pursuit of that vision.

So in many ways, NCHL’s move into a university consortium symbolizes the broader changes taking place in the U.S. healthcare system.   Health reform legislation brings with it unprecedented opportunities to build partnerships throughout our system, to improve coordination, increase reliability, expand the evidence base, and reap the greater efficiencies these efforts can provide.  But getting there will involve at-times overwhelming changes, and a great many unknowns we will together need to work through. 

We look forward to updating you on our progress in the coming months, and finding new ways for the NCHL support the mission of your organization in the longer term.

— Andrew Garman, CEO, NCHL

About Andrew Garman

Chief Executive Officer, NCHL; Professor, Health Systems Management Department, Rush University

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